At Vanguard, we think people should be given good choices.

And that is what we set out to be, an excellent choice for investors.

Let me give you an example. We don't have shareholders. We're not owned by a family or by any individual. Ultimately, we're owned in the US by our fundholders.

You might see that as a curious arrangement, but it's what makes us who we are. As we see it, it means our ownership is totally aligned with the long-term interests of our clients. We like that.

Another example is our belief in low cost. Many people don't fully understand how important it is to keep investment costs low. But if you think about it, every pound saved in fees is another pound invested, and that compounds year by year.

We don't keep our costs low to undercut competitors or to take market share. We do it because we believe – because the arithmetic tells us – that it matters to investment success.

At Vanguard, success is doing the right thing for investors.

I hope that you will appreciate us for what we believe in and what that means we can do for you.

Thanks for watching.

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