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If you're trying to beat the market over the long term, cost and manager oversight are important considerations.

Vanguard seeks to hire exceptional investment managers, using a rigorous, multilayered approach to portfolio oversight, and provides our managers—and you—with the important tailwind of low costs, which is vital to the success of any investment strategy.

Institutional investors demand more and more from their active managers—and rightfully so. Vanguard seeks to meet those expectations by selecting talented active portfolio managers with strong investment convictions and results.

Daniel Newhall

Principal, Portfolio Review Group Oversight & Manager Search

Daniel Newhall
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World-class investment managers

Vanguard scours the globe for top investment talent and hires firms believed to have the best chance of long-term outperformance based on their people, philosophy, process and performance consistency.

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Unique approach to portfolio oversight

Vanguard holds our active managers to a rigorous, integrated arm's-length oversight process—from the CEO and the board on down—to ensure they stay true to their processes and mandates.

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Low fees that improve odds for alpha strategies

Research has shown that low cost is a key factor in improving a portfolio's odds of outperformance over time. Vanguard's ownership size and scale enable us to keep management fees low over the long run, helping you to keep more of your returns.




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