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Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a low-cost way to access a range of investment strategies. Institutional investors can use them in a broadly diversified, long-term investment portfolio to help minimise costs; or benefit from their liquidity during business hours, and use them to maintain exposure through a restructuring or a portfolio rebalancing.

With Vanguard ETFs, institutional investors can expect the same investment expertise that has made the Vanguard Group a world leader in investments since we launched the world's first retail index mutual fund in 1976. The range spans equity and fixed income asset classes – from single, regional and global markets to active and indexed strategies.

Our range of low-cost ETFs is increasing in response to demand from institutional investors, who are increasingly attracted to ETFs for their versatility and ease of access.

Tom Bartolacci

Head of ETF Capital Markets, UK

Tom Bartolacci
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High quality management

Our ETFs are managed by highly experienced teams of investment professionals committed to delivering investment returns via physically replicated solutions.

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Low cost

By delivering our ETFs at low cost, we allow investors to keep more of their returns, helping them to reach their goals more quickly.

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Broadly diversified indices

Our ETFs are benchmarked against broad indices, bringing high levels of diversification and efficiently targeting specific exposures.




Discover how Vanguard defines investing and explore the range of our indexed and factor ETFs.

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